Great Hacks Every Coffee Lover Needs to Know

Great Hacks Every Coffee Lover Needs to Know

Waking up and drinking a cup of coffee is a vital part of most people’s morning routine. In fact, over 64 percent of Americans claim to have at least one cup of coffee on a daily basis. As the popularity of coffee continues to increase, there are more options than ever before when it comes to gourmet java.

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you are probably passionate about finding new and exciting ways to get this miracle tonic into your system. Here are some great hacks that every coffee lover needs to know.

Get a Morning Pick Me Up With Coffee Ice Cubes

While having a traditional cup of coffee can be enjoyable, there are new and exciting ways to enjoy this drink. For instance, freezing coffee in an ice cube tray overnight can help you get a pick me up the following morning. Dropping a few of these cubes in a cup of milk will allow you to get that coffee flavor you love.

It is best to put the cubes at the bottom of your cup and then pour in the milk. By doing this, you can give the cubes time to dissolve into the drink. Experimenting with flavored coffees is a good idea when trying to change the taste and texture of these drinks.

Embrace the Power of Flavored Syrups

For years, coffee shops around the world have offered customers a variety of different flavored syrups. Vanilla, coconut and caramel are just some of the most popular syrups used by these types of establishments. Instead of having to go out every day and get your shot of flavored coffee, you could always make a DIY syrup of your own.

Most of the recipes you find online are fairly easy to make. All you generally need is sugar, water and whatever flavor extract you want. While you may have to try a few times to perfect your DIY syrup, it can be a very fun experience.

Learn How to Create Your Own Foam

One of the best parts about going and getting a cup of java from a coffee shop is the delicious foam they put on the top. Some coffee drinkers think that in order to create this foam on their own, they have to invest in expensive machinery. In reality, you can create this foam with nothing more than milk and a small mason jar.

Putting the milk in the jar and shaking it up for a bit can create the foam you crave. Once you see this foam start to form, throw the jar in the microwave for a few seconds to stabilize it. When the timer dings, you should have delicious foam to put on the top of your morning coffee.

Quality Coffee is a Must

If you are in search of unique flavor profiles, then investing in high-quality coffee is essential. Often times, organic grade beans taste better and are more cost-effective. Finding a reputable supplier is the best way to get a great deal on the quality coffee you want.

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